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About Us

We are team of industry leaders with a passion to redefine the Pleated Mosquito Net Door & Window industry by designing solutions that empower People to have Solutions that are Easy to use with wonderful quality and Design. Our clients love our work, and we see fantastic potential in improving the quality of life for consumers. Our team embraces a creative approach to design and architecture where the client is just as influential as the designer. We have a passion for working with clients that believe in our vision and vision alone.

Sliding Mosquito Net for DoorsSliding Mosquito Net for Doors
Mosquito Net Door  for HomesMosquito Net Door  for Homes

What we're proud of

We've worked with a wide array of clients, and created different Options for various types of usage and sizes.

Mosquito DoorMosquito Door
Mosquito Net for BalconyMosquito Net for Balcony
Sliding Mosquito NetSliding Mosquito Net
Mosquito Net DoorMosquito Net Door
Pleated Mosquito NetPleated Mosquito Net
Mosquito Mesh DoorMosquito Mesh Door

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