About Us

We at Bharat Innovative Systems ( BIS ) are team of industry leaders with a passion to redefine the Pleated Mosquito Net Door & Window industry by designing solutions that empower People to have Solutions that are Easy to use with wonderful quality and Design. Our clients love our work, and we see fantastic potential in improving the quality of life for consumers. Our team embraces a creative approach to design and architecture where the client is just as influential as the designer. We have a passion for working with clients that believe in our vision and vision alone.

Our Pleated Mosquito Net System is made from T6 6063 Architectural Grade Aluminum and Best Polyester - Pleated Mosquito Nets, These are used as main Raw material. We use best Powder Coatings and also coating being done by the best Industry Expert Coating Vendors. This makes our products one of the Best in Industry, We give 3 Years Warranty for any Manufacturing Defects Whatsoever. We make various Pleated Mosquito Net System namely

Pleated Mosquito Net

for your homes

Where every home is fitted with Mosquito Net.

Pleated Mosquito Nets are one on the best and Modern Solutions for Keeping Mosquitoes and Insects away from your Homes and Offices. These doors & windows take minimum space for installation and thus creating a best option for modern day spaces.