Product Categories for Pleated Mosquito Net

Pleated Mosquito Net door is closing by a manPleated Mosquito Net door is closing by a man

Pleated Mosquito Net for Doors are used to Stop entry of Mosquito and Insects. These Nets are installed along with Sliding and Openable Doors of UPVC, Aluminum, Wooden etc. We are the manufactures for Pleated Mosquito Net for Doors with durable quality & affordable Price.

view of front building through Pleated Mosquito net windowview of front building through Pleated Mosquito net window

Pleated Mosquito Net for Windows is the best considered best option to keep Mosquitoes and small insects away from you Home and Offices. These Window Net provide a seamless flow of air and light keeping inside environment clean and hygienic.

Mosquito net sliding pleated door protecting the hole house from mosquitosMosquito net sliding pleated door protecting the hole house from mosquitos

Pleated Mosquito Net for Balcony are now a days new trend for modern day homes and Offices These Sliding Mosquito Net installation help to create a added space in Homes and Offices which are clean and free from Mosquitoes and Insects.

Salient Features of Our Pleated Mosquito Net Doors & Windows

  • Made from Hight Quality Architectural Garde Aluminum for superior quality and Aesthetics.

  • Heavy thickness for Aluminum material is used for Sturdy quality and long life.

  • Best Powder Coatings procured from reputed brands are being used so that it mat last for a period of 15 years.

  • Powder Coating is being done by Quality Vendors / Coaters with consistent quality & proven track records.

  • Advance Machines and Tools are used so that customer should get wonderful quality fit and finish.

  • Experienced Technicians are hired to manufacture the material for excellent product quality.

Pleated Mosquito Net Systems

Our Mosquito Nets are Generally being used for Doors, Windows and Balcony. These can be both openable or Sliding sections. Best suited for UPVC , Aluminium Profile Doors & Windows. Pleated Mosquito Net help to save the space and meanwhile are east to use in everyday life. These Pleated Nets majorly consist following

Pleated Net

Pleated Nets are the main section of complete Mosquito Pleated Net System. We at Bharat Innovative Systems ( BIS )  are using Best quality Nets which are sturdy and long life in quality. These Nets will allow free flow of Air & light, meanwhile stops Mosquitoes and small insects entering your premises.

Aluminium Profile

As we understand Aluminium Profile is the outer Section or Frame which is used as the main part of the System in which all accessories as well as accessories are installed, Our aluminium Profile is the Heavy and best architectural grade aluminium used for long life of the system and superior fit and finish.

Powder Coating / Wooden Coating / Electroplating

This is the coating of color which is being used on Aluminium frames make it look beautiful and match the aesthetics of Doors & Windows as well as premises. These coatings are procured from best in Insustry Brands so as to give a wonderful finish for longer tenure of times.


This Pleated Net systems varied type of accessories like Threads, Corners, Handle Pulley and Chord Holders. These accessories make product complete and practical for day to day use. These are being made from best quality Nylon material for easy operations and long life.